Friday, March 30, 2007

SIDEBAR, Beverly Hills, CA

This weekend turned out to be one of heavy "blog hopping" from the moment I hit L.A.. I managed to grab an early lunch after a half day of work, drove 325 miles, scooped up Andrea from Century City and went straight to The Beverly Wilshire hotel. This was our second trip to sidebar, the ultra lounge situated next to Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant, CUT.

This is definitely my kind of lounge: dark, modern atmosphere, killer selection of spirits (even my favorite rum, Montecristo), and not only great bar snacks, but the full run of the CUT menu, too. This trip, however, we stuck to the "Side Bar Snacks" and revisited the kobe sliders:

Mini Kobe Sliders, Brioche Buns, Sweet Pickle
Onion Rings, Smoked Paprika-Saffron Mayonnaise

The first time we had these sliders, we were tempted to order them without the sweet pickle, but the bartender basically denied our request and ordered us to enjoy them as is. Good call. I could've eaten dozens of these messy little burgers if we didn't have a full evening and weekend of eating to fit in elsewhere. Next time, with bigger appetites, we'll explore more of the full CUT menu, including their amazing "indian spiced" Kobe beef short ribs. Yum.

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