Sunday, April 1, 2007

DUKE'S, Malibu, CA

In search of an early afternoon snack, we decided to relive part of our Hawaiian indulgence from last year by visiting Duke's in Malibu. During our week in Kauai, there was a Duke's just footsteps from our door and just as close to the crashing surf. We made a few pit stops during that time, and each time tried their incredible coconut shrimp and, at least once, attempted to finish one of the huge Hula Pie desserts. So, after a short drive up the PCH we were seated at the bar at Duke's to see how the California version of those two dishes compared to the Hawaiian ones:

Crispy Coconut Shrimp
Skewered, sweet and spicy Thai chili sauce

Compared to the Hawaiian dish, these shrimp were juicier and the thai chili sauce sweeter and more flavorful. The version we tried in Kauai had a flakier, crispier coconut crust and the shrimp were larger. I'd take either one again.

Hula Pie

This is virtually identical to "KIMO’S ORIGINAL HULA PIE®" at Duke's Kauai right down to the "Hula Pie" labeled plates. It was equally large, equally messy, and an equally essential part of the Duke's experience.

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