Tuesday, May 8, 2007


After a mostly sleepless red-eye flight, a few trains into Manhattan, a quick breakfast and an early check-in at Hotel QT, we were ready to dive into our New York culinary experience. Gotham Bar & Grill is the type of restaurant that is clearly sophisticated, but at the same time, casual in a way that is uniquely New York, particularly at lunch. We arrived just as the staff was just wrapping up their prep for the afternoon, yet within a few minutes of sitting down in a nearly empty restaurant, it was fully packed for lunch. They must be doing something right.

Our original intent was to try out their surprisingly affordable ($27) prix fix lunch menu, but we each found ourselves lured by items on the main menu instead.

Artichoke Hearts, Pea Leaves, Black Trumpets and Prosciutto di Parma

Mushrooms, prosciutto, lobster and creamy risotto. Nothing to complain about there. The only things left on the plate after inhaling this perfect lunch portion were a few of the artichoke hearts which neither of us were a big fan of.

Bok Choy, Shiitake Mushrooms, Sticky Rice, Soy Lemongrass Ginger Emulsion

This version of miso black cod was delicate, moist, and mild. The bok choy and shitake mushrooms added some nice texture and flavor, while the rice was just the right thing to sop up the perfectly salty miso broth.

Chocolate Genoise, Layers of Mint Parfait, Warm White Chocolate Tea Sauce

Aside from a partially tainted photo opportunity owed to the tea sauce that flooded one side of the dish, our first dessert in New York was excellent. The layers of mint and chocolate make for a rich but refreshing dessert. And on that delicious note, our first meal was done, and it was time to finally rest for a while.

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