Friday, March 30, 2007

UPSTAIRS 2, Los Angeles, CA

From Side Bar in Beverly Hills and then happy hour at Red Rock in West Hollywood, we made our way back to West L.A. and the little joint perched on top of The Wine House appropriately called Upstairs 2.

The menu at Upstairs 2 is entirely small plates or tapas, with a column of cold dishes and one with hot plates and a wine suggestion for each item. It is simply impossible to visit this place only once. If you follow the link on the left and find their menu, you'll understand what I mean. I'm sure we'll visit quite often to sample different menu selections, and even just for one of their many desserts. This being the equivalent of our third meal of the evening, we only managed to try the following three plates:

Truffled Polenta Squares
Truffle Mushroom Mousse

Duck Confit Flatbread
Mozzarella, Dried Tomato, Wild Mushroom Ragout

Baked Veal Loaf
Taro Mashed Potatoes, Black Truffle Gravy

The extensive wine list, no doubt aided by The Wine House offerings below, offer 2.5 oz tastes, 6 oz glasses or 12 oz carafes of every wine on the list, which is categorized to match the pairing suggestions on the dinner menu. For the "soft & aromatic red" suggested for both the polenta and flatbread, we added a taste of the 2004 Terrazze Rosso Conero from Italy. The menu suggested a "new world, medium to full-bodied red" to accompany the veal loaf, and we opted for a taste of the 2003 Bowen Estate Shiraz from Australia. Both wines actually paired very well with all the dishes and complimented the mushroom and truffle theme of our selections.

We only managed a fleeting look at their dessert menu given our fullness, but it was enough to convince us to make late-night return visit for dessert alone. Next time we'll make sure they're actually open!

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