Tuesday, May 8, 2007

NYC 2007

When we started planning our trip to NY a few months ago, our main reason for going was to see the Yankees battle the Red Sox, perhaps for the last time before the Yankees say goodbye to their original stadium. However, it soon turned into a culinary adventure instead, with some baseball thrown in between our different food excursions. Determined to live it up and experience the best that NYC has to offer, we scoured Zagat and spent countless hours on the internet researching the absolute best places in the city. Ultimately, many of the restaurants that we visited were recommended by Andrea’s co-worker Hadley, who we have to thank for our happy tummies and empty wallets. Determined to fit in as many meals as possible in our short trip, we sacrificed sleep, grabbed our bottle of Tums, and hit the town ready to give you readers something to drool over.

Be sure to click on the images below and blow them up to full size to truly experience our NYC culinary adventure

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